For general enquiries about Mowbray that do not relate to buying a home, please email mowbray@tigerbond.com. For queries relating to buying a home at Mowbray, please visit The Homes.
The Masterplan

What have you got planning permission to build?

Mowbray aims to be a vibrant, sustainable and friendly new community where residents can live, work, learn, play and flourish. The planning permission for the site includes:

The masterplan for the site splits the development into three phases – Mowbray Village, Mowbray West and Mowbray East.

Phase One is currently being built and forms the middle of the site known as Mowbray Village. It has permission for approximately 1,000 homes and Bohunt Horsham School along with some commercial space, extra care homes, and community and green space.

Phase Two will be located to east of Phase One and deliver a further 1,000 homes in addition to a business park and sports facilities. Phase Three is to the left and will be made up of both residential and commercial properties.

Who is building homes on the site?

Mowbray is a Legal & General site and will deliver 2,750 homes across a variety of tenures to meet the housing needs of all ages and demographics.

Legal & General Homes and award-winning housebuilder Cala Homes will be delivering the first 390 homes. Cala Homes launched off-plan in Spring 2022 and opened its showhomes to the public in October 2022.

Where can I see the masterplan?

Please find the masterplan on The Homes.

What is the timeline for the whole development?

Mowbray is estimated to be a 15-year project with several phases being announced in the near future.

Why is the development called Mowbray?

The name Mowbray is inspired by Horsham’s impressive history. Our new community is designed to inspire pride in its place and its heritage, and this is an important way of commemorating that.

The name descends from Geoffrey de Montbray, who was an advisor to William the Conqueror and whose family were entrusted with the village of Horsham in the 14th century.

Learn more about the name of Mowbray here.

The Community

What community amenities are included in the development?

 A Village Centre will form the heart of the development and provide residents and visitors with an easily identifiable hub for community meetings and social activities.   

Facilities such as a new community centre, library, meeting rooms, and sports hall will be located in the Village Centre, and a network of children’s play areas will be created throughout the site

Retail uses will include a proposed supermarket alongside smaller shops / services within the village centre and the development will also deliver 500,000 sq ft of new employment space. We are also exploring opportunities for a new local pub at Mowbray.

Throughout the development, walkways, trails and a network of safe and convenient cycle routes / shared surfaces will be provided.  Ancient woodland at the site will be retained and enhanced, with more than 56,000 sqm of new woodland created as part of the development.  These spaces will be open to access by the general public for the enjoyment of the wider community.

Legal & General has also secured planning consent for a new sports hub at the development, which will deliver two full size grass football pitches, a 3G artificial floodlit pitch, cricket wicket, mountain bike trail, skate park, multi-use games areas, youth facility and a pavilion. 

In addition to the above, Mowbray has delivered a campus for Bohunt Horsham School, which officially opened for students in January 2022. Bohunt Horsham will provide a co-educational, all-through school catering for four-to-16-year-olds.

Are there any medical facilities planned?

We are consulting with the Clinical Commissioning Group about the provision of a primary care centre to help support the medical needs of the community.

Presently, discussions are ongoing to confirm whether a primary care centre will be delivered on site at Mowbray or whether the CCG would prefer us to provide a financial contribution towards the centre being delivered off-site.

Will there be school facilities?

The new site for Bohunt Horsham at Mowbray has now opened and will eventually take 1,620 students from age 4 to 16. This will include 1,200 secondary school places, 420 primary school places and a nursery for 50. The primary school will open a reception class in 2023.

Bohunt Horsham originally opened in 2019 from premises on Hurst Road and welcomed 120 Year 7 students. As of the start of the 2021/2022 academic year the school had 440 students across three year groups.

You can find out more about Bohunt Horsham here.

Can I access public transport from Mowbray Village?

On 11th May, Metrobus began operating a new service between Mowbray Village and Horsham Bus Station.

The 71 bus will operate hourly during the day between Monday and Saturday on the new route linking the bus stop on Bailey Road near to Bohunt School with Horsham town centre. Residents at Mowbray Village can apply for 100 journeys per household and the full schedule of bus times for the new 71 route can be found here.


Where will the main access to the site be?

Following the major improvement works, the main access road to Phase 1 of the Mowbray development is via the A264 using the upgraded roundabout to access Rusper Road northbound. You can then turn left onto Moat Road to access the development, or right to access Bailey Road for Bohunt Horsham school. The best post code to use for for the main entrance to the sites is RH11 4QR. 

Separate access points to Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the development will subsequently be taken from the A264.

Why has a bridge been installed over the A264?

The bridge opened in April 2022 and has been installed to provide safe access to link to Horsham for pedestrians, cyclists and vulnerable members of the community wishing to use the facilities at the development.

Legal & General prioritised delivery of the bridge to facilitate the school’s early delivery on site.

How long will lane closures be in place on the A264 Eastbound?

The left hand lane of the A264’s eastbound carriageway between Rusper Road Roundabout and Moorhead Roundabout will be closed from the 17th of July 2024 until the end of the year. 

The lane is being closed to enable works to create a new junction into Mowbray Village, which will provide access to the development’s business park and sports hub.

Following consultation with West Sussex Highways, the speed limit on both the eastbound and westbound carriageways of the A264 between the Rusper Road Roundabout and the new junction is being permanently reduced to 50mph to help improve highway safety.


Are there any noise mitigation measures?

Acoustic barriers in the form of earth bunds have been installed between the development and the northern side of the A264 to reduce the noise for new residents.

How will you be making sure the development is environmentally sustainable?

As master developer of Mowbray we have a responsibility to deliver a thriving and successful new community by embedding sustainability in all aspects of the development from the outset. 

Our primary focus is on reducing all sources of waste and water usage throughout the supply chain by efficiently doing more with less. We are planting new hedgerows and using the traditional method of hedge laying where possible to manage existing hedgerows. We are also planting trees across the development to create new habitats for a wide range of species. The new dormouse habitat has been created, bat boxes and bird boxes will be installed and there will be 60,000 sqm of new reptile habitat (over 8 Wembley sized football pitches). 

Investments in socio-economic aspects of the new development will also help to facilitate a thriving and self-sustaining Mowbray environment.  The delivery of this site meets with the local housing requirements for a mix of type and tenure of homes alongside easily accessible services, facilities and opportunities to access employment ensuring a balanced community.

Will there be bridleways around the site?

Yes, the bridleways are highlighted on a map here and connect into existing bridleways neighbouring the site.


How do I register my interest in buying a new home?

Please visit the developer’s website for more information and to register your interest. Find more information on The Homes.

What type of houses will there be?

The development will comprise a variety of housing types and tenures to satisfy identified local housing needs and to help achieve a balanced and diverse community.  There will be a range of options from one and two bedroom apartments to two, three and four bedroom homes, including terraces, townhouses and semi-detached.

The design and appearance of the new homes will be the responsibility of the individual sub-parcel developers who will in turn be required to obtain reserved matters approval of the design, appearance and layout of the housing developments. 

The first homes are now available to purchase from Cala Homes.

Will there be self-build plots available?

20 plots for custom or self-builders will be available in Phase Two and for 10 units in Phase Three. These plots will be marketed to individuals on the Council’s Self Build register but are not likely to come forward for at least four years.

Commercial opportunities

Will there be commercial opportunities available at Mowbray?

Commercial opportunities at Mowbray are available both in the village centre and at the business park, which will be built as part of the development.

Enquiries about commercial opportunities at Mowbray are being handled by Andy Nixon at Knight Frank; please email Andy.Nixon@knightfrank.com.


How can I find out more about the development?

Keep an eye on the website. We provide notifications of any works taking place, live applications, community and infrastructure progress, and sales launches.

Please visit the developer’s website for more sales information and to register your interest. Find more information on The Homes.

How do I contact you about the scheme?

If you have a question, comment, or query, you can get in touch with our Community Liaison Team via mowbray@tigerbond.com.

How can I find out more about the development?

Keep an eye on the website. We provide notifications of any works taking place, live applications, community and infrastructure progress, and sales launches.

Please visit the developer’s website for more sales information and to register your interest. Find more information on The Homes.